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新聞翻譯作業:Hollywood Heads to Broadway

 Hollywood Heads to Broadway
ð  邁向百老匯之路  好萊塢巨星粉墨登場!

Jude Law (as Hamlet): I’ll give this plague for thy dowry: be thou as chaste as ice…


Katie Walmsley: Broadway's current cast list looks more like a lineup for the Oscars as legion Hollywood stars are migrating east to the Great White Way.


Jude Law (as Hamlet): First mouthed, to be last swallowed…

ð  裘德‧洛(飾哈姆雷特)先含在嘴裡,最後一口吞下去

Katie Walmsley: Editor-in-chief of Broadway.com, Paul Wontorek, is not surprised.

ð  凱蒂‧溫絲蕾:百老匯官方網站的主編,保羅文瑞克,對此並不感到意外。

Katie Walmsley: Now we do have so many A-list Hollywood celebrities on Broadway at the moment. What’s bringing the men?

ð  凱蒂‧溫絲蕾:此刻,許多天王天后級的好萊塢名人正在舞台上賣力演出。到底是什麼風把他們吹來呢?

Paul Wontorek: And more are coming. We have Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber coming in "A View from the Bridge." I do think that, a lot of Hollywood actors are seeing the respect that they can get on Broadway, and how it can transform a career. That shows another side of their talent. I think it kind of reminds them of why they…why they got into acting in the first place.

ð  保羅文瑞克:其實還有更多明星搭上這班順風車。例如,《憑橋遠眺》便是由史考莉喬韓森和李佛薛伯領銜主演。我認為,許多好萊塢演員冀望能在百老匯舞台上獲得觀眾的支持與敬意,並藉此轉換跑道。舞臺表演能夠展現演員們演技的另一面,而也許舞台也喚醒了他們當初立志想成為演員的熱情。

Catherine Zeta Jones: The greasepaint and the dust of the theater. It’s just wonderful… just to be on stage and have that immediacy. And being able to play is gonna to be different every night. It's where it all started. It’s just a fascinating wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, experience.

ð  凱薩琳‧麗塔‧瓊斯:在劇院中見到演員專用的油彩妝以及空氣中塵埃飛揚的模樣,這種感覺棒極了!只要站在舞台上,感受臨場感,每晚的演出都能是不同的全新體驗。舞台是演員夢的發跡之地,它給予我無可比擬、美好愉悅的奇妙經歷。

Katie Walmsley: But in this tough economy, how can Broadway afford Hollywood big-hitters?

ð  凱蒂‧溫絲蕾:但在經濟不景氣的情況下,百老匯怎麼能請得動好萊塢的大明星呢?

Paul Wontorek:Hollywood stars can make a pretty penny. You know, a lot of time they have to deal with where they're getting a cut of the box office, so Hugh Jackman's show makes a million dollars in a week. He's definitely seeing a share of that in his paycheck.

ð  保羅文瑞克:好萊塢明星自己就能賺大錢。你知道的,他們會從票房收入中取得分紅,例如休‧傑克曼的表演在一星期內就能創下一百萬的票房佳績,他絕對不會小看這筆為數可觀的津貼。

Catherine Zeta Jones: Right now, given not just the economic climate, but there's a missing link in movie making. What is being winning, what is going to be, you know, actually financed to be put on celluloid. I think the theater has taken that role.

ð  凱薩琳‧麗塔‧瓊斯:現在,經濟紛圍暫且略過不談,電影工業似乎落有所失。什麼題材能夠贏得觀眾的心,或什麼類型的電影能夠有在電影產業上取得實質經濟收益。我認為,就這點而言,劇場藝術已取代電影的地位。

Katie Walmsley: Indeed, according to the Broadway League, shows featuring stars and big ticket musicals are currently the main profit makers, so shows with A-listers are more likely to see a return on their investment.

ð  凱蒂‧溫絲蕾:的確,根據百老匯聯盟提供的資訊,目前,大牌明星以及高票價的音樂劇是吸金主力,所以有重量級明星參與的表演更有可能獲得投資報酬。

Paul Wontorek: This past year a lot of what the shows critics said were important in theatres didn't sell as many tickets. If you look at "Hamlet" with Jude law or "A Steady Rain" with Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig, they got ok reviews, and they were sold out hits. People are a lot more selective now how they're going to spend their money. So, maybe shows without stars or shows that are more experimental, not a proven brand, might be having a harder time getting people in.

ð  保羅文瑞克:去年,許多被劇評家稱道的舞台劇票房不佳。但如果你去瞧瞧由裘德‧洛主演的《哈姆雷特》以及由休‧傑克曼和丹尼爾‧奎格主演的《連綿雨》,去讀讀它們的劇評,你會發現它們獲得的評價不怎麼樣,但這幾齣舞台劇的票房長紅。現今,消費者對於金錢的使用來得更加謹慎,因此,缺乏明星參與的舞台劇或沒有名氣的實驗性劇場,可能很難吸引觀眾。

Katie Walmsley: But who bears the real cost of stars on Broadway? With premium tickets for some shows priced at nearly $400, it may be you.

ð  凱蒂‧溫絲蕾:但誰去負擔這群百老匯明星的開支?有些舞台劇開出將近400美元的超高票價,人人都有可能是金主。

Katie Walmsley: We're seeing record high ticket prices. Why are people still going? How can people still afford to see the shows?

ð  凱蒂‧溫絲蕾:許多舞台劇已創下票價歷史上的新紀錄。但為何還是有人前去觀賞?觀眾怎麼買得起舞台劇的票?

Paul Wontorek: I think there are always going to be a certain segment of the population that can afford $250 tickets to see a Broadway show. There are always discount tickets. There's a wide price range. There are always ways to see a great Broadway show.

ð  保羅文瑞克:我想,總有特定群眾能負擔得起一場票價250美元的百老匯舞台劇。而且總有打折的票,票價的範圍也相當廣,總有辦法去觀賞一場精采的百老匯表演。

Katie Walmsley: Katie Walmsley, CNN, New York.

ð  凱蒂‧溫絲蕾:CNN記者凱蒂‧溫絲蕾在紐約的採訪報導。